Wednesday, April 30, 2008

staying late...

So I noticed it had been awhile since I posted (no one else probably did;))and since I have to stay late today to make up for yesterday I thought I'd post.

Birthday went well, good friends, good food and good wine who could ask for anything more?!

I did get a new camera so soon there will be pictures...really I mean it this time.

My Nick turns 16 today! I can not believe it, it really only seems like yesterday that I was holding the most perfect little baby and now he's nearly a man. Time really does get away from us doesn't it?

He has to work, but said he wanted Chinese for dinner so I'll call it in and have it delivered for when he gets home. We have really cut back in eating out and ordering out, so this is a treat, mostly because it's his birthday;)


Thursday, April 17, 2008

hmmmm and yummm

My it's been a while, but who cares no one reads anyway and I am a sad show with no pics although with the birthday this weekend a camera for me may be in the offing?

Yesterday I got my package from the Woolen Rabbit and I am in LOVE the colors OMG!!! I will have to get Claire to take a picture and help me get it on here for the record. I am thinking about doing one of Anne's Little Nothing Scarves with it...we'll see.

Other than that it is finally Spring here this week, last week nearly put me under the bed with the rain and snow, but this week's sun and fine temps I'm good as new!


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

it's all good...

Yay! Mitch won, Dr. Elmer won, Aimmie won, and Nancy won I'm hardly bothered by the fact that pig face Gableman won, all I can say is be careful what you wish for.

It was a late night as Mitch's race was tighter than any of the others, but for once this county did the right thing, however, can NOT say the same for this town...MY GOD what ignorant buffoons! that felt good! But ha! he did win and for that I am glad.

Took the day off, really almost felt like going in but what the hell didn't and I'm OK with that too, I'm sure I'll make up for it tomorrow but that's okay as it will be Thursday.


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

april fools...

So today I was a total whack job at work! Mouthed off to the Dean's secretary...later apologized all is well and we are now best friends. Had a ton of work to do...the cause...IT'S ELECTION DAY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!! I am worried sick for Mitch and Teri he is so worthy of the judgeship it isn't even funny and I'm totally scared to death that that bitch Carrie S will win out of partistian ship makes me want to throw up. But I did my part and god bless him so did Bruce.

So I'm off to the VICTORY party and here's hoping I took tomorrow off for a good reason...hangover!