Sunday, March 23, 2008

can't even begin...

So it's been no secret that I've been sick, in fact I'm sick of being sick! Well, guess who got the flu for an anniversary gift...BRUCE! Yep, I told him to leave me alone when I was sick but NO, he wasn't thinking with the right head if you get my drift. Of course to be fair one of his students could have totally brought it back with them from Spring Break, it doesn't matter but it was a bummer to have him act like he was dying all day yesterday and putting the kabash on our celebration plans. The kids and I worked around him all day, now they'll get it I'm sure and completely ruin their spring break, and instead of going out to HuHot for dinner we ordered Chinese in...not the same at all but at least I didn't have to cook:)

Most of the snow is gone...and it may actually get up to the 40's this week so by next weekend it should all be gone, unless we get more that is.

Election day is coming (April 1st!)and this is when I wish I actually had people reading this. But since I don't I'll just say: GO MITCH, GO DR. ELMER, GO AIMMIE, GO NANCY!!!

Enough said I'm anxious for all of them since the area is so damn Republican and they all lean Democratic even though they are all running for non-partisan positions, Judicial and school board.
Party affiliation aside they are all good people and we need the change they will bring.

Done...happy Easter!


Thursday, March 20, 2008


Rock on today maybe Thursday...but really Friday in that I don't have to be back to work until Monday. Actually I put in to take Monday off but not sure I want to waste vacation hours just because.

Saturday is our 17th wedding I cannot believe it...more amazing is that we've actually been together 20 years. He's a great dad and husband, he puts up with my moods (for which there are many), he has the cutest smile and the bluest eyes;) I love him!

so I am going to enjoy my three-day weekend (maybe 4) Happy Easter all!


Sunday, March 16, 2008


No other words can describe it...DAMNIT...I'm sick again! Actually this is the first I feel "well" enough to even write about it. Started with a little cough on about Wednesday and the bomb fell Thursday night...did I stay home from work? NO! Had plans I couldn't back out of all weekend and now am paying for it. Man even the coffee sucks!

Gotta get the groceries bought and the laundry done though...maybe not...and I may end up staying home tomorrow UGH!!


Wednesday, March 12, 2008


You know I hate that phrase but whatev...;)

One week from the incident from hell, and so far the insanely overpriced sump pump is doing it's job and will all the melting snow I am glad of that!

So let's see, I still need to get Nick to help me get some pics up here, maybe I should just get me a camera and that laughing I hear?!

Claire wore her new socks snowboarding this past weekend and totally felted them so I really need to take a picture of them and show you what happened...learn damnit learn!!

Had us some fine days this week, snow's melting sun's shining suppose to storm tonight though...

Work is crazy but I like it crazy! Beats boring any day, next week is Spring Break I still have to work but there won't be any students or faculty so it will be quiet then they come back with a vengeance;) !

Got Nick's socks almost done, Claire scarf mid done and I really need to just get to my sweater!!


Wednesday, March 5, 2008


So you know it's bad when I use all caps, right. Well, get this yesterday afternoon we came home from work and there's water all over the basement, damnit it's our third one and I think this time we are also going to be investing in one of those battery backup units.

Long story short I had to burn up the rest of my PTO and part of a vacation day to stay home and do laundry all the live long day, because Bruce won't complete the laundry task and there were a ton of clothes laying down there...and I could hardly sleep for thinking about the mold growing so how could I go to work...

Over and done with, well I also twisted my ankle, broke the toilet seat and the dog keeps puking!!!!!!!!!!

Thank god the day is almost done, I think it's wine time and knitting!


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

day of mourning:(

Here in Packer country it is an offical day of mourning....yes our beloved Brett has decided to hang up ole #4 after giving us his best for 16 seasons. Can't say I'm surprised but I can say I will miss seeing that cute boyish grin...hope they are able to find another...that's all I'm going to say on the matter other than I am so glad I got Nick those tickets to the last game of the season and he can say he got to see him play. Done.

On ward, remember the other day when I made the comment about March coming in like a lamb, well, then we got us some rain (w/lightening thrown in!), some ice and about 3" of snow to top it off...I'm not going to speculate anymore on that either, I'm probably not that is...

Started walking a half hour on my lunch gotta try and get this fat a$$ down a bit before my birthday and let's face it the rest of my life.


Sunday, March 2, 2008

in like a lamb...

So we are on day two of March and the weather has been incredibly mild, a lot of the snow is melting as are some of the mamoth icicles (if I'd ever get my crap together I'd have pics for you to see some of them!). However, this week the temps will rarely reach freezing so winter is not over yet and we will probably get at least one more snow storm and then Spring...sloppy mushie spring~

The kids are ready for it as is hubin...