Sunday, March 23, 2008

can't even begin...

So it's been no secret that I've been sick, in fact I'm sick of being sick! Well, guess who got the flu for an anniversary gift...BRUCE! Yep, I told him to leave me alone when I was sick but NO, he wasn't thinking with the right head if you get my drift. Of course to be fair one of his students could have totally brought it back with them from Spring Break, it doesn't matter but it was a bummer to have him act like he was dying all day yesterday and putting the kabash on our celebration plans. The kids and I worked around him all day, now they'll get it I'm sure and completely ruin their spring break, and instead of going out to HuHot for dinner we ordered Chinese in...not the same at all but at least I didn't have to cook:)

Most of the snow is gone...and it may actually get up to the 40's this week so by next weekend it should all be gone, unless we get more that is.

Election day is coming (April 1st!)and this is when I wish I actually had people reading this. But since I don't I'll just say: GO MITCH, GO DR. ELMER, GO AIMMIE, GO NANCY!!!

Enough said I'm anxious for all of them since the area is so damn Republican and they all lean Democratic even though they are all running for non-partisan positions, Judicial and school board.
Party affiliation aside they are all good people and we need the change they will bring.

Done...happy Easter!


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