Wednesday, March 12, 2008


You know I hate that phrase but whatev...;)

One week from the incident from hell, and so far the insanely overpriced sump pump is doing it's job and will all the melting snow I am glad of that!

So let's see, I still need to get Nick to help me get some pics up here, maybe I should just get me a camera and that laughing I hear?!

Claire wore her new socks snowboarding this past weekend and totally felted them so I really need to take a picture of them and show you what happened...learn damnit learn!!

Had us some fine days this week, snow's melting sun's shining suppose to storm tonight though...

Work is crazy but I like it crazy! Beats boring any day, next week is Spring Break I still have to work but there won't be any students or faculty so it will be quiet then they come back with a vengeance;) !

Got Nick's socks almost done, Claire scarf mid done and I really need to just get to my sweater!!


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