Saturday, December 20, 2008


I've been woefully pitiful at the blog game...and for that I'm sorry, but hey since no one reads it I'm good;)

So word of the day (or month for that matter) is SNOW! Snowed like a banshee Thursday late night into Friday, not enough though for them to call school or close the college. So I drove up to DePere on the highway of death (on a dry day) to work. Twenty-five miles at 35 mph figures into about an hour of HELL! NOTHING was plowed not even the highway, good thing everyone but the semi drivers were following the take it slow rule. I'll try and get some pictures up because it is pretty and I love a white Christmas...oh and yeah more snow today and tomorrow and bitter cold to follow...

Anyway, Claire had a Christmas party to go to and Nick went sledding so it was just me and the mister and a bit of The Bishop's me some Carey Grant!

By the way I LOVE that Nick is driving because I don't have to go out and pick up anybody anymore he can!! Although on Tuesday when it was snowing (I know what a shock!)he did go into the ditch...scary for him but I think he learned that it really can happen just that fast and easy.

Let's see, oh yeah we've lost our minds! We've decided to take in an AFS student from mind you this may blow up in our faces but I hope it won't. On paper she sounds great in fact she sounds like Claire's twin separated at birth. If we pass muster she arrives on the 16th or 17th of I gotta get crackin' on fixing up a spot for her.

Well, must get moving, gotta sweater to finish for Thomas which will NOT make it to them for Christmas:( but maybe the day after:)

Later....(hopefully yet this month)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

i suck!

So I suck so bad at this journaling just can't get to it. Anyway, gotta finish, to be honest start, Claire's second sock, get Thomas' front done on his sweater, blah blah blah...I can't seem to keep my mind on anything. Maybe things will get better in six days or worse then I'm moving to Canada...anyone know of any academic libraries that are hiring in Canada???

So I really think it's the election that has me in a snit...and I vow to come back to this place and get it together on Nov. 5th!! pinky swear....


Saturday, August 9, 2008

better late than never, or not

So here I'll say it Betty er I mean Brett sucks! My god people where in the hell can you quit a job, change your mind they come running back saying okay come back and you say nah I think I want to stay retired you say okay man whatever and four months later you want to come back as if nothing has happened. Like anyone else in the world would have been replaced before the door closed and you're upset that they're moving on??? GIVE ME A BREAK!! Hey NY can have you, see how you like them apples out there, here you were a KING, make one wrong move out there and see what they call you.

There my rant is over, like my "love" for him...whatever...I think that's why I dislike professional sports so loyalty and it's all about the $.

Let's see in other news, oh yeah, John Edwards...what the hell...all I have to say is why can't men keep it in their pants?????Good thing he dropped out when he did (maybe that's why?)and didn't get the nomination, we'd be handing it right to Bush er i mean McCain by now. As it is this is just what the Repubs needed, because they are so free of sin, and can throw all the stones they want.

Wow and all of this before I have finished my first cup of coffee...

Oh today looks to be perfect weather wise:) So I'm taking that and "running" well not exactly running but you know...


Sunday, July 27, 2008

the fat lady sang...

So my only vacation, which was to be honest a staycation, for the summer comes to an end at midnight tonight. Yep, stayed home and was busier than ever, but had fun here's the low down:

July 18th: first day, my sister and her son arrived from NY, they showed up about 8:30pm and
the little tyke was weeds! He's only just cute.
July 19th: had to attend a "family meeting" at 10:30, we were late, only 5 minutes so really only heard the last of it. My dad is fixated on his funeral and we are to only play Elvis music for big surprise there! Afterward, a "family reunion" pitiful turnout, really I think they should look into planning a bit better. But I don't want anything to do with planning the next one so I'm keeping my mouth shut.
July 20th: Oh by far one of the best days! It was Mom/Daughter/Sister Day!!! We had them all except for my niece who decided she would rather sleep than comment...we had a BLAST. First we went to lunch, then to see Mama Mia...we sang, we laughed, we cried...I will see it again and again. Then it was back to my house for chats and drinks and eats. Bruce watched Thomas and was great...all that training when the kids were small really came in handy! Roxane spent the night, Bruce played bartender and in the morning we were not moving very fast~
July 21st: Went to the outlet mall in Oshkosh, Tammy spent a load, I listened to my VOR (voice of reason) and was a good girl...only undies came home with us. We took my niece to lunch and headed home.
July 22nd: Did a little shopping out by the mall and then Tammy and Thomas headed to Green Bay to pick up TJ and his folks from the airport. We didn't see them again until Friday. Had Claire's last soccer game, they tied and came home exhausted. I really forgot how much a toddler can wear you out!
July 23rd: BBB's 68th birthday, really spent the day recovering and cleaning for Friday.
July 24th: More cleaning, and last minute shopping for tomorrow.
July 25th: Big day, Bruce's 50th birthday party (he actually turns 50 tomorrow, long story...), Bruce and I went and picked up the food and liquor for the party. Started the icing process...I got pissed because all week there was low humidity and nice breezes today high humidity abounded...GRR. Anyway all turned out well, fed 48 of our favorite people, got eaten alive by the mosquitoes (which put an early end to the night), and really had a good time. There were people that I really wish I could have talked to more, but it was kind of like your wedding and it just didn't happen:(.
July 26th: Roxane, Claire and I took Mom out to lunch, she shares her birthday with Bruce, then we headed to the antique mall on a button hunt. We scored and I also scored a cool plaid cooler. Will get pics up later. Got home about 1:30, took a nap;)and just picked up after yesterday. Very laid back b-day for my man, but that was what he wanted, he was very pleased with the party though.
July 27th: Back to reality, laundry etc....

All in all not bad.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

holy crap!

WOW time does's been a month since I last'd think nothings been happening but I guess I just didn't feel like writing~

Let's see we had a holiday, we went up to our friends' cottage in Door County, Clark Lake to be exact, had a blast the weather was perfect and it was relaxing and GOOD!

Today is my god-daughter's birthday, she's 23! where did that time go?? She and her mom, my sister are heading to NY to stay with our other sister and to accompany her and baby Thomas (he just turned 2 on the 12th)back home for a bit. They are staying with us for a couple of days and then her hubby and in-laws are coming and they'll stay in a hotel in Green Bay. So it will be a week of family and parties.

Let's see what else is news around here...oh yeah Brett wants to come back or not, I can't figure it out and really don't care...boys! The Packers come to campus soon, we never see them, being in the library and all, just all their expensive vehicles in the parking lot before they head to the stadium.

Work is starting to get busy again, thank god, faculty is coming back and getting ready, I guess there's only six weeks until classes start, should be interesting semester with the new president and all:)

In knitting news: I have been woefully lazy...a pair of socks with the new sock ease (like it), and a wash cloth...I know! So I have to get going on Thomas' sweater, and Angie's socks...I'll cast on for those tonight!

That's it, I'm empty...too hot and humid...I want the nice weather back!


Sunday, June 15, 2008

man oh man

Finally talked to my sister yesterday who lives in Fond du Lac and let me just say "it ain't good!). Their basement window gave in to the rising water and it looks like it is a total loss. My nephew's bedroom was down there and because he is what he is, he is now without a LOT of stuff. Kimm said she was on vaca and was going to go through "that stuff" down there and now she has to. Brand new washer/dryer...gone, furnace...gone, all her pictures, scrap booking stuff, Christmas decor...gone, gone, gone...worst of it is they don't know if their homeowners will cover it. She may be coming up here today to do laundry as there isn't anyplace in town to do it (water ban and long lines!). We were very lucky as we were on the northern edge of the storm high winds LOTS of rain but we are pretty high and although the sump pump never stopped no flooded basement.

Will most likely head out to Winneconne to sup with the inlaws for Father's Day, had lunch with BBB (Big Bad Bob)on Friday, so now it's time for the flip side.

Hope all is well where ever you are!


Sunday, June 1, 2008

pretty pretty flowers:)prt deux

My lilacs and bleeding hearts are to die for, and thanks to Nick I can show them to whoever wheneve comes by for a little looksee:)

pretty pretty flowers:)

Opps gotta try this later, thought we knew but didn't:(


Friday, May 30, 2008

the five question meme

OK, I love me a meme so here goes on the one floating around in blogland:

1. What was I doing 10 years ago? Married w/ 2 small children, driving school bus because day care was such a nightmare, and we took the kids to Colorado for the first time.

2. What were five things on my to-do list (in no particular order)? Clean and declutter my bedroom, go grocery shopping, go to Target, water plants (don't have to now as it's raining:)), and take Claire and her friends to the new Indy movie:)

3. What snacks to I enjoy? Wheat Thins w/baby swiss and grapes, real popcorn w/ real butter, nacho cheese dorittos and cashews.

4. Where are some places I've lived? In Wisconsin: Green Bay, Pulaski, Appleton, De Pere, Black Creek and Oneida; while in college: London baby!

5. What things would I do IF I were a billionaire? Give more to my favorite charities, set up trust funds for my kids, take care of my parents, buy a second home in Colorado, go to Europe buy Bruce his dream bicycle pay off bills:)

There you have do with it what you will...I won't tag anyone as, well, who the hell would I???


Monday, May 26, 2008

oh my!

I've become one of those bloggers that drive me nuts...write much.

Well, it's Memorial Day, I took Friday off so I actually had a four-day work week, a four-day weekend followed by another four-day work week...wah hoo!! Great start to the summer.

But I am SORE!! We have been busting butt around here, and today is one day delayed laundry day because I wanted to hang it out and yesterday couldn't make up it's mind on what kind of a day it wanted to be.

Got the porch cleaned off so we don't look like "white trash" anymore, weeds are gone, new plants planted or transplanted (please don't die!) spent a boat load of money on it all too!

I am totally getting some pics and then later (if I can get Nick off this thing)get them posted.

The kids are looking at only eight days of school, which I too am looking forward to as I don't have to concern myself with getting them up and just need to worry about me getting up and out. Hopefully someone will answer my call to car pool soon, I may have to alter my hours but in the name of god I almost can't afford to even drive to work anymore...fu$%^&g oil monger, sons of a b1t8hes!!!

Well, off to enjoy the last of the holiday weekend tootles...

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

staying late...

So I noticed it had been awhile since I posted (no one else probably did;))and since I have to stay late today to make up for yesterday I thought I'd post.

Birthday went well, good friends, good food and good wine who could ask for anything more?!

I did get a new camera so soon there will be pictures...really I mean it this time.

My Nick turns 16 today! I can not believe it, it really only seems like yesterday that I was holding the most perfect little baby and now he's nearly a man. Time really does get away from us doesn't it?

He has to work, but said he wanted Chinese for dinner so I'll call it in and have it delivered for when he gets home. We have really cut back in eating out and ordering out, so this is a treat, mostly because it's his birthday;)


Thursday, April 17, 2008

hmmmm and yummm

My it's been a while, but who cares no one reads anyway and I am a sad show with no pics although with the birthday this weekend a camera for me may be in the offing?

Yesterday I got my package from the Woolen Rabbit and I am in LOVE the colors OMG!!! I will have to get Claire to take a picture and help me get it on here for the record. I am thinking about doing one of Anne's Little Nothing Scarves with it...we'll see.

Other than that it is finally Spring here this week, last week nearly put me under the bed with the rain and snow, but this week's sun and fine temps I'm good as new!


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

it's all good...

Yay! Mitch won, Dr. Elmer won, Aimmie won, and Nancy won I'm hardly bothered by the fact that pig face Gableman won, all I can say is be careful what you wish for.

It was a late night as Mitch's race was tighter than any of the others, but for once this county did the right thing, however, can NOT say the same for this town...MY GOD what ignorant buffoons! that felt good! But ha! he did win and for that I am glad.

Took the day off, really almost felt like going in but what the hell didn't and I'm OK with that too, I'm sure I'll make up for it tomorrow but that's okay as it will be Thursday.


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

april fools...

So today I was a total whack job at work! Mouthed off to the Dean's secretary...later apologized all is well and we are now best friends. Had a ton of work to do...the cause...IT'S ELECTION DAY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!! I am worried sick for Mitch and Teri he is so worthy of the judgeship it isn't even funny and I'm totally scared to death that that bitch Carrie S will win out of partistian ship makes me want to throw up. But I did my part and god bless him so did Bruce.

So I'm off to the VICTORY party and here's hoping I took tomorrow off for a good reason...hangover!


Sunday, March 23, 2008

can't even begin...

So it's been no secret that I've been sick, in fact I'm sick of being sick! Well, guess who got the flu for an anniversary gift...BRUCE! Yep, I told him to leave me alone when I was sick but NO, he wasn't thinking with the right head if you get my drift. Of course to be fair one of his students could have totally brought it back with them from Spring Break, it doesn't matter but it was a bummer to have him act like he was dying all day yesterday and putting the kabash on our celebration plans. The kids and I worked around him all day, now they'll get it I'm sure and completely ruin their spring break, and instead of going out to HuHot for dinner we ordered Chinese in...not the same at all but at least I didn't have to cook:)

Most of the snow is gone...and it may actually get up to the 40's this week so by next weekend it should all be gone, unless we get more that is.

Election day is coming (April 1st!)and this is when I wish I actually had people reading this. But since I don't I'll just say: GO MITCH, GO DR. ELMER, GO AIMMIE, GO NANCY!!!

Enough said I'm anxious for all of them since the area is so damn Republican and they all lean Democratic even though they are all running for non-partisan positions, Judicial and school board.
Party affiliation aside they are all good people and we need the change they will bring.

Done...happy Easter!


Thursday, March 20, 2008


Rock on today maybe Thursday...but really Friday in that I don't have to be back to work until Monday. Actually I put in to take Monday off but not sure I want to waste vacation hours just because.

Saturday is our 17th wedding I cannot believe it...more amazing is that we've actually been together 20 years. He's a great dad and husband, he puts up with my moods (for which there are many), he has the cutest smile and the bluest eyes;) I love him!

so I am going to enjoy my three-day weekend (maybe 4) Happy Easter all!


Sunday, March 16, 2008


No other words can describe it...DAMNIT...I'm sick again! Actually this is the first I feel "well" enough to even write about it. Started with a little cough on about Wednesday and the bomb fell Thursday night...did I stay home from work? NO! Had plans I couldn't back out of all weekend and now am paying for it. Man even the coffee sucks!

Gotta get the groceries bought and the laundry done though...maybe not...and I may end up staying home tomorrow UGH!!


Wednesday, March 12, 2008


You know I hate that phrase but whatev...;)

One week from the incident from hell, and so far the insanely overpriced sump pump is doing it's job and will all the melting snow I am glad of that!

So let's see, I still need to get Nick to help me get some pics up here, maybe I should just get me a camera and that laughing I hear?!

Claire wore her new socks snowboarding this past weekend and totally felted them so I really need to take a picture of them and show you what happened...learn damnit learn!!

Had us some fine days this week, snow's melting sun's shining suppose to storm tonight though...

Work is crazy but I like it crazy! Beats boring any day, next week is Spring Break I still have to work but there won't be any students or faculty so it will be quiet then they come back with a vengeance;) !

Got Nick's socks almost done, Claire scarf mid done and I really need to just get to my sweater!!


Wednesday, March 5, 2008


So you know it's bad when I use all caps, right. Well, get this yesterday afternoon we came home from work and there's water all over the basement, damnit it's our third one and I think this time we are also going to be investing in one of those battery backup units.

Long story short I had to burn up the rest of my PTO and part of a vacation day to stay home and do laundry all the live long day, because Bruce won't complete the laundry task and there were a ton of clothes laying down there...and I could hardly sleep for thinking about the mold growing so how could I go to work...

Over and done with, well I also twisted my ankle, broke the toilet seat and the dog keeps puking!!!!!!!!!!

Thank god the day is almost done, I think it's wine time and knitting!


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

day of mourning:(

Here in Packer country it is an offical day of mourning....yes our beloved Brett has decided to hang up ole #4 after giving us his best for 16 seasons. Can't say I'm surprised but I can say I will miss seeing that cute boyish grin...hope they are able to find another...that's all I'm going to say on the matter other than I am so glad I got Nick those tickets to the last game of the season and he can say he got to see him play. Done.

On ward, remember the other day when I made the comment about March coming in like a lamb, well, then we got us some rain (w/lightening thrown in!), some ice and about 3" of snow to top it off...I'm not going to speculate anymore on that either, I'm probably not that is...

Started walking a half hour on my lunch gotta try and get this fat a$$ down a bit before my birthday and let's face it the rest of my life.


Sunday, March 2, 2008

in like a lamb...

So we are on day two of March and the weather has been incredibly mild, a lot of the snow is melting as are some of the mamoth icicles (if I'd ever get my crap together I'd have pics for you to see some of them!). However, this week the temps will rarely reach freezing so winter is not over yet and we will probably get at least one more snow storm and then Spring...sloppy mushie spring~

The kids are ready for it as is hubin...


Friday, February 29, 2008

so it's friday?!

So much for catching up...anyway who cares it's FRIDAY!!! Love me some Friday, snowed again last night about 3" so the drive up was less than fun (35 mph!!) for the last 7 miles no fun!

Tonight I get together with the knit chicks!! Going to GingeRootz, I've never been, and I'm a tad scared because I am such a fussy eater (though you'd never know to look at me!)...but one of my mountains to climb is to try new and different and hopefully heathier foods.

So I'm going to summerize last weekend...TOO MUCH FUN...but it took me until Wednesday to feel normal and I was so tired last night I missed a retirement party for a former co-worker:(

This weekend is a bit more layed back, both the kids have "Solo and Ensemble" tomorrow, then the boys are going snowmobiling and Claire and I will hang which I am so looking forward to. Sunday they are calling for rain and get this 38 degrees! But we have a ton of snow so I worry about flooding, and then next week no day above freezing, can you say ICE!

Needless to say there will be some serious knitting going on at my house...


Monday, February 25, 2008

playing catch-up

Let's see, we survived "the storm" and the artic cold that followed, we voted in our primary and I spent this last weekend with some friends I've had for over 20 years and today I'm tired! So I will go into detail but not today...probably tomorrow...

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Yikes is right, it is 28 degrees outside and it's freezing rain, poor Buster went out to do his wees and could hardly stand up to get the job done she is glare ice out there! The forecast is actually calling for about 10" of snow and blowing snow we may just get a snow day out of this, even Me!

Now normally I would hunker down and just stay home knit, do laundry, tidy up, watch me a little Jane Austen but today? NOOOO I have to pick up Claire from her sleep over and get some provisions (milk...)because I couldn't be bothered to do it yesterday when the weather was completely winter cumuppance (sp??) as they say. So I'm thinking shop first then go get Claire because well let's just leave it at that's probably the best way to go.

Had a "lovely" convo with BD* last night, honestly that man is getting crazier the older he gets I could go into it but it may start a riot IF anyone actually ever starts reading what I write~

Had to rip out Nick's first completed sock as it was too short, his feet must be growing now I have to go into the bowels of the Yarn Harlots blog and find that tutorial before I end up ripping the whole bloody thing out.


*Big Daddy=my father~

Friday, February 15, 2008

love thursday or friday in this case

So I read on another blog about "love thursday" so I decided to let it be known what I love...

I love my kids so much at times it physically hurts and just typing that my eyes are watering a bit. I love my husband even when he acts like his dad, and I say it's a good thing I love you when I'm not really liking you much now.

I love my house, my job and my dog. I love a snowstorm when I can be at home watching it but NOT when I'm driving home in it.

I love a good bar burger with krinkle kut fries, heinz ketchup and lots of pickles with a good cold beer. I love knitting (goes w/o saying)on a snowy night, while sitting with the fam and British comedies on tv.

I love reading and a good movie usually British too;)

and as much as I love my job I absolutely love Friday nights with no plans but knitting and a nice glass or so of wine...


Thursday, February 14, 2008

random thoughts

So today is VD, Bruce came through with some loverly red roses, and if I had any kind of tech savy I'd show you...that is one of my resolutions, to get one of the kids to get me on board with getting this thing lookin' groovy.

So our primary is Tuesday, which means the phone is ringing and the tv is full of political ads, so I went and bought Claire "Across the Universe" because she loves the Beatles and she thought it would be cool to have lived in the 60's. I tried telling her it wasn't as cool as she thought, even though I was quite young then (being born in '63). So she watched it, bawled her eyes out, declared it weird but definately her new favorite film and also quite glad she didn't live in the '60's "I'll stay where I am, thank-you very much" were her exact words.

Well, got some more snow today, driving on the highway of death wasn't as bad as it could have been, but honestly some people must just have a death wish. Appleton only got 6" so it's doable, and since this is the first winter in a long time we've had any snow my peeps are very happy.

What else...tomorrow's FRIDAY!! For that I am grateful. This weekend Bruce and Nick are going winter camping, Claire has a birthday/sleepover on Saturday, which means it's just me and Buster the wonder Boston Terrier to watch British comedies, knit and drink some wine:)


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

no longer on the fence

So yesterday the college I work for hosted the next first lady of the US, yep, Michelle Obama! She was awsome, inspirational and my BS meter didn't go off once, to boot the man himself is scheduled to appear at UWGB (my alma mater)on Friday and I have a ticket!!!

Let me tell you I have never been so excited by a candidate EVER, I just hope the creeps in Washington don't get him down.

So I guess they say some snow is coming...we'll the past it mostly just misses us so I'm totally not concerned.


Sunday, February 10, 2008


Just finished the taxes!! Oh happy dance I almost feel like snoopy when he dances. So hopefully I didn't make any mistakes and have the irs come knocking at my door, my only defence would be that it would be an honest mistake not a i'm hiding a bag of loot that i'm not reporting mistake. so that's done not i just need to put all the info in a folder and file it away and keep it forever. time to do the laundry and work on nick's sock.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

crap or get off the pot

So all my peeps are gone for the day, and I've decided I need to de-clutter, there is no reason in the entire world for me to keep every issue of Real Simple (just in case) or any other magazine that's laying around here that I haven't looked at in 14 years so out they all go, actually I'm going to post them on "free cycle" first and IF I have no takers they go out to the recycling bin on Tuesday. Next all the paper and crap I need to slim down my possessions in order to slim down my body so I'm going to take a deep breath shut out my inner pack rat and pitch! There just "saying it out loud" makes it all the more doable.


Thursday, February 7, 2008

spreading the "love"

So you may or may not know just how much I LOVE my kids...a LOT...maybe too much...yep my lovely Claire has contracted the dreaded para-influenza A from me:( found out from the nurse at work that that is what I had which turned into a sinus infection, so I am on the monster antibiotics which will turn into a yeast infection (got that covered too).

Still trying to catch up at work, will get there tomorrow.

Ashley's socks are done! Started Nick's 2nd pair and plan on getting that 2nd norwegian mitten done soon too. But this weekend is reserved for decluttering...getting rid of all my back issues of magazines (not even going to look)just pitching them...I have got to get our bedroom in order!!

I will be posting my decluttering on free cycle and IF no one claims it, it goes to recycling next Tuesday.

Well, that's it for now.


Saturday, February 2, 2008

Snowy Saturday

Well, another snowy Saturday. Claire's off shopping with her favorite cousin, Bruce and Nick are off snowmobiling and I just got home from a lovely lunch and movie, Attonement, LOVED it!

Will probably finish Claire's socks tonight and get going on Ashley's second one.

I've decided to write this blog for me and IF anyone ever happens to read it I'll be shocked, I still have to get the kids to show me how to do the pics and we'll see where this takes us.:)