Sunday, June 15, 2008

man oh man

Finally talked to my sister yesterday who lives in Fond du Lac and let me just say "it ain't good!). Their basement window gave in to the rising water and it looks like it is a total loss. My nephew's bedroom was down there and because he is what he is, he is now without a LOT of stuff. Kimm said she was on vaca and was going to go through "that stuff" down there and now she has to. Brand new washer/dryer...gone, furnace...gone, all her pictures, scrap booking stuff, Christmas decor...gone, gone, gone...worst of it is they don't know if their homeowners will cover it. She may be coming up here today to do laundry as there isn't anyplace in town to do it (water ban and long lines!). We were very lucky as we were on the northern edge of the storm high winds LOTS of rain but we are pretty high and although the sump pump never stopped no flooded basement.

Will most likely head out to Winneconne to sup with the inlaws for Father's Day, had lunch with BBB (Big Bad Bob)on Friday, so now it's time for the flip side.

Hope all is well where ever you are!


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