Sunday, July 27, 2008

the fat lady sang...

So my only vacation, which was to be honest a staycation, for the summer comes to an end at midnight tonight. Yep, stayed home and was busier than ever, but had fun here's the low down:

July 18th: first day, my sister and her son arrived from NY, they showed up about 8:30pm and
the little tyke was weeds! He's only just cute.
July 19th: had to attend a "family meeting" at 10:30, we were late, only 5 minutes so really only heard the last of it. My dad is fixated on his funeral and we are to only play Elvis music for big surprise there! Afterward, a "family reunion" pitiful turnout, really I think they should look into planning a bit better. But I don't want anything to do with planning the next one so I'm keeping my mouth shut.
July 20th: Oh by far one of the best days! It was Mom/Daughter/Sister Day!!! We had them all except for my niece who decided she would rather sleep than comment...we had a BLAST. First we went to lunch, then to see Mama Mia...we sang, we laughed, we cried...I will see it again and again. Then it was back to my house for chats and drinks and eats. Bruce watched Thomas and was great...all that training when the kids were small really came in handy! Roxane spent the night, Bruce played bartender and in the morning we were not moving very fast~
July 21st: Went to the outlet mall in Oshkosh, Tammy spent a load, I listened to my VOR (voice of reason) and was a good girl...only undies came home with us. We took my niece to lunch and headed home.
July 22nd: Did a little shopping out by the mall and then Tammy and Thomas headed to Green Bay to pick up TJ and his folks from the airport. We didn't see them again until Friday. Had Claire's last soccer game, they tied and came home exhausted. I really forgot how much a toddler can wear you out!
July 23rd: BBB's 68th birthday, really spent the day recovering and cleaning for Friday.
July 24th: More cleaning, and last minute shopping for tomorrow.
July 25th: Big day, Bruce's 50th birthday party (he actually turns 50 tomorrow, long story...), Bruce and I went and picked up the food and liquor for the party. Started the icing process...I got pissed because all week there was low humidity and nice breezes today high humidity abounded...GRR. Anyway all turned out well, fed 48 of our favorite people, got eaten alive by the mosquitoes (which put an early end to the night), and really had a good time. There were people that I really wish I could have talked to more, but it was kind of like your wedding and it just didn't happen:(.
July 26th: Roxane, Claire and I took Mom out to lunch, she shares her birthday with Bruce, then we headed to the antique mall on a button hunt. We scored and I also scored a cool plaid cooler. Will get pics up later. Got home about 1:30, took a nap;)and just picked up after yesterday. Very laid back b-day for my man, but that was what he wanted, he was very pleased with the party though.
July 27th: Back to reality, laundry etc....

All in all not bad.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

holy crap!

WOW time does's been a month since I last'd think nothings been happening but I guess I just didn't feel like writing~

Let's see we had a holiday, we went up to our friends' cottage in Door County, Clark Lake to be exact, had a blast the weather was perfect and it was relaxing and GOOD!

Today is my god-daughter's birthday, she's 23! where did that time go?? She and her mom, my sister are heading to NY to stay with our other sister and to accompany her and baby Thomas (he just turned 2 on the 12th)back home for a bit. They are staying with us for a couple of days and then her hubby and in-laws are coming and they'll stay in a hotel in Green Bay. So it will be a week of family and parties.

Let's see what else is news around here...oh yeah Brett wants to come back or not, I can't figure it out and really don't care...boys! The Packers come to campus soon, we never see them, being in the library and all, just all their expensive vehicles in the parking lot before they head to the stadium.

Work is starting to get busy again, thank god, faculty is coming back and getting ready, I guess there's only six weeks until classes start, should be interesting semester with the new president and all:)

In knitting news: I have been woefully lazy...a pair of socks with the new sock ease (like it), and a wash cloth...I know! So I have to get going on Thomas' sweater, and Angie's socks...I'll cast on for those tonight!

That's it, I'm empty...too hot and humid...I want the nice weather back!