Wednesday, April 30, 2008

staying late...

So I noticed it had been awhile since I posted (no one else probably did;))and since I have to stay late today to make up for yesterday I thought I'd post.

Birthday went well, good friends, good food and good wine who could ask for anything more?!

I did get a new camera so soon there will be pictures...really I mean it this time.

My Nick turns 16 today! I can not believe it, it really only seems like yesterday that I was holding the most perfect little baby and now he's nearly a man. Time really does get away from us doesn't it?

He has to work, but said he wanted Chinese for dinner so I'll call it in and have it delivered for when he gets home. We have really cut back in eating out and ordering out, so this is a treat, mostly because it's his birthday;)


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