Monday, May 26, 2008

oh my!

I've become one of those bloggers that drive me nuts...write much.

Well, it's Memorial Day, I took Friday off so I actually had a four-day work week, a four-day weekend followed by another four-day work week...wah hoo!! Great start to the summer.

But I am SORE!! We have been busting butt around here, and today is one day delayed laundry day because I wanted to hang it out and yesterday couldn't make up it's mind on what kind of a day it wanted to be.

Got the porch cleaned off so we don't look like "white trash" anymore, weeds are gone, new plants planted or transplanted (please don't die!) spent a boat load of money on it all too!

I am totally getting some pics and then later (if I can get Nick off this thing)get them posted.

The kids are looking at only eight days of school, which I too am looking forward to as I don't have to concern myself with getting them up and just need to worry about me getting up and out. Hopefully someone will answer my call to car pool soon, I may have to alter my hours but in the name of god I almost can't afford to even drive to work anymore...fu$%^&g oil monger, sons of a b1t8hes!!!

Well, off to enjoy the last of the holiday weekend tootles...

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