Friday, February 15, 2008

love thursday or friday in this case

So I read on another blog about "love thursday" so I decided to let it be known what I love...

I love my kids so much at times it physically hurts and just typing that my eyes are watering a bit. I love my husband even when he acts like his dad, and I say it's a good thing I love you when I'm not really liking you much now.

I love my house, my job and my dog. I love a snowstorm when I can be at home watching it but NOT when I'm driving home in it.

I love a good bar burger with krinkle kut fries, heinz ketchup and lots of pickles with a good cold beer. I love knitting (goes w/o saying)on a snowy night, while sitting with the fam and British comedies on tv.

I love reading and a good movie usually British too;)

and as much as I love my job I absolutely love Friday nights with no plans but knitting and a nice glass or so of wine...


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