Thursday, February 14, 2008

random thoughts

So today is VD, Bruce came through with some loverly red roses, and if I had any kind of tech savy I'd show you...that is one of my resolutions, to get one of the kids to get me on board with getting this thing lookin' groovy.

So our primary is Tuesday, which means the phone is ringing and the tv is full of political ads, so I went and bought Claire "Across the Universe" because she loves the Beatles and she thought it would be cool to have lived in the 60's. I tried telling her it wasn't as cool as she thought, even though I was quite young then (being born in '63). So she watched it, bawled her eyes out, declared it weird but definately her new favorite film and also quite glad she didn't live in the '60's "I'll stay where I am, thank-you very much" were her exact words.

Well, got some more snow today, driving on the highway of death wasn't as bad as it could have been, but honestly some people must just have a death wish. Appleton only got 6" so it's doable, and since this is the first winter in a long time we've had any snow my peeps are very happy.

What else...tomorrow's FRIDAY!! For that I am grateful. This weekend Bruce and Nick are going winter camping, Claire has a birthday/sleepover on Saturday, which means it's just me and Buster the wonder Boston Terrier to watch British comedies, knit and drink some wine:)


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