Friday, February 29, 2008

so it's friday?!

So much for catching up...anyway who cares it's FRIDAY!!! Love me some Friday, snowed again last night about 3" so the drive up was less than fun (35 mph!!) for the last 7 miles no fun!

Tonight I get together with the knit chicks!! Going to GingeRootz, I've never been, and I'm a tad scared because I am such a fussy eater (though you'd never know to look at me!)...but one of my mountains to climb is to try new and different and hopefully heathier foods.

So I'm going to summerize last weekend...TOO MUCH FUN...but it took me until Wednesday to feel normal and I was so tired last night I missed a retirement party for a former co-worker:(

This weekend is a bit more layed back, both the kids have "Solo and Ensemble" tomorrow, then the boys are going snowmobiling and Claire and I will hang which I am so looking forward to. Sunday they are calling for rain and get this 38 degrees! But we have a ton of snow so I worry about flooding, and then next week no day above freezing, can you say ICE!

Needless to say there will be some serious knitting going on at my house...


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