Saturday, December 20, 2008


I've been woefully pitiful at the blog game...and for that I'm sorry, but hey since no one reads it I'm good;)

So word of the day (or month for that matter) is SNOW! Snowed like a banshee Thursday late night into Friday, not enough though for them to call school or close the college. So I drove up to DePere on the highway of death (on a dry day) to work. Twenty-five miles at 35 mph figures into about an hour of HELL! NOTHING was plowed not even the highway, good thing everyone but the semi drivers were following the take it slow rule. I'll try and get some pictures up because it is pretty and I love a white Christmas...oh and yeah more snow today and tomorrow and bitter cold to follow...

Anyway, Claire had a Christmas party to go to and Nick went sledding so it was just me and the mister and a bit of The Bishop's me some Carey Grant!

By the way I LOVE that Nick is driving because I don't have to go out and pick up anybody anymore he can!! Although on Tuesday when it was snowing (I know what a shock!)he did go into the ditch...scary for him but I think he learned that it really can happen just that fast and easy.

Let's see, oh yeah we've lost our minds! We've decided to take in an AFS student from mind you this may blow up in our faces but I hope it won't. On paper she sounds great in fact she sounds like Claire's twin separated at birth. If we pass muster she arrives on the 16th or 17th of I gotta get crackin' on fixing up a spot for her.

Well, must get moving, gotta sweater to finish for Thomas which will NOT make it to them for Christmas:( but maybe the day after:)

Later....(hopefully yet this month)

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