Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy new year!!!

So bye-bye to '08...for us not too bad, unlike a lot of people. We didn't lose our jobs, we don't make much so because we live within our means we'll be OK even IF we don't get a raise (mister will though it's in the contact, me not so much) but 3% of his salary is 3X what it is for mine so better him than me anyway. The kids are healthy, not in trouble and seem headed down the straight and narrow...grand sigh of relief.

Resolutions? Nah...only break them anyway...I think I'll just keep on keeping on, try and be kinder, less judgemental, and healthier. Having a bit of surgery this year and hope it helps on the last bit. I will really try and attempt to keep up on this blog more as a journal of my journey into the second half of my life (I think 90 is old enough to go). I have never been good at journaling so this will be more of a challenge than getting healthy so they will go hand in hand. Oh yeah this year I'd really like to finish the sweater I started two or was it three years ago for me this year!

So the journey begins or really continues so as I've said before...


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